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Gumtree Customer Service Contact Number 0844 477 0142

Gumtree Customer Service Contact Number 0844 477 0142

About Gumtree
Founded in 2000, Gumtree is now the UK’s number one for classified ads. On average nearly 1 million new ads are posted each week. The website attracts approximately 8 million visitors each month.
You can find adverts for Cars, Phones, Jobs, Flats and Houses, and many other categories.
The Customer Service helpline is usually available between 9.00am and 9.00pm every day.

Overview of Gumtree Customer Care
If you call the Gumtree Customer Service Contact Number 0844 477 0142 you will be able to discuss the following:
Getting help to get started
If you are a new user, you can call the Gumtree Customer Support team to discuss any of the issues regarding placing an ad such as:-
How to post an Ad
What you can and can’t do or say in your ad
Check the rules for the different categories, eg Pets, Cars, Flats and Houses,
Find out what happens if you break the rules
What items are not allowed on Gumtree

Most ads are free but check for information on charges for some ads eg categories such as Cars and Jobs. Additional fees may apply for special promotions. Call the  Gumtree Customer Service Contact Number 0844 477 0142

If you are having problems posting adverts, then it could be for one of the following reasons:-
You are posting it in the wrong category
An ad has been duplicated
The rules have been broken
There is a problem uploading pictures.
Normally an ad will be live within 4 hours of posting. If it is not there may be issues with the ad. Call the  contact number for the Gumtree Customer helpline – 0844 477 0142
Other reasons for speaking to an advisor are
You want to change the Category of the ad.
You can’t see the picture
There is a problem with the Map location
Your ad has been removed
You have forgotten your password

Managing your Ads
Once your ad is posted and live you can manage it by
Editing it to change the price, the text or to add / remove pictures
Deleting it
Extending the duration of the ad
All ads have a different expiry period depending on the category and location. It is usually 30 days, but you should check. You can extend the duration or delete it if you don’t want the ad to be on for the full duration. If you have any problems or difficulties editing or deleting an ad Gumtree Customer Service Contact Number 0844 477 0142
Promoting your Ads
Find out the various costs and payment methods and options for promoting your ads, including
Feature Ads – what they are and how they work
Homepage Spotlight
Using Bump Up to get your ad back up the listings
Ad Status – an explanation of what these mean

Replying to ads and receiving replies.
Speak to one of the team for advice on
Safety – meeting Sellers or Buyers
Paying for Goods
Anonymity of Emails
Avoiding Spams
Reporting anything suspicious
The various options for receiving replies or responses to your ad
For any queries or problems that you may have, Gumtree Customer Service Contact Number 0844 477 0142.

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